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All Wrapped Up and Tied in a Bow

Apparently, 'tis the season of all things new here at Created by Elsie B! Though it wasn't necessarily planned, we have had several new releases this month and have even more pretty big stuff that is coming soon. (Sign up for our newsletter to get first dibs on our very big, very exciting October launch!) If you haven't been following along, check our recently added tab. We added Merino/Seacell as a new base to the shop, opened a pre-order for the cutest little handcrafted Elsie B sheep mugs, and we are in the process of adding our stunning hand woven artisan scarves made with hand dyed, hand spun Created by Elsie B fibers! Some of these projects have been in process for most of the year, so to say that we're giddy with excitement to introduce them would an understatement!
Rosa Zerkle
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