Dyed to Order Colorways - Tonal (A-D)

A list of repeatable Created by Elsie B colorways available via Dyed to Order. A note: I include suggestions of coordinating colorways but those lists aren't exhaustive. 

Abalone (shown here on Targhee)
coordinates with Arctic Violets, Thistle, Wisp, & Hyacinth.
abalone on targhee 

Amethyst (shown here on Organic Polwarth/Silk)
coordinates with Autumn Bouquet, Berry Splash, and Derby Girl
Amethyst on Organic Polwarth/ Silk

Aquamarine (shown here on Superwash Merino/Nylon)
coordinates with Atlantis, Bahama Breeze, Boardwalk Sunset,
Christmas Lights, Skate Park, & Tree Frog 
Aquamarine colorway on Superwash Merino/ Nylon

Aubergine (shown here on Organic Polwarth/Silk) 
coordinates with Lavender Macaron, Spanish Rose, Alice in Wonderland,
Berry Splash, Derby Girl, & Heritage 
Aubergine colorway on Organic Polwarth/Silk

Azure (shown here on Organic Merino)
coordinates with Hibiscus & Dragonfly
Azure on Organic Merino

Berry (shown here on Rambouillet)
coordinates with Hummingbird, Snapdragons, Derby Girl, & Dragonfly
Berry on Rambouillet

Berry Syrup (shown here on Blue Faced Leicester)
coordinates with Ice Cream Parlor 
Berry Syrup

Black Cherry (shown here on Corriedale)
coordinates with Alice in Wonderland, Enchantress, Gemstone Kaleidoscope,
Peonies, Raspberry Delight, Romance Remembered,
Tropical Frangipani, & Watermelon Sangria
Black Cherry

Blue Raspberry (shown here on Merino/Seacell) 
coordinates with Color Wheel 
Blue Raspberry on Merino Seacell

Breaking Waves (shown here on Oatmeal BFL/Seacell) 
coordinates with {nothing currently} 
Breaking waves on Oatmeal BFL/Seacell

Brilliant Lilac (shown here on Merino)
coordinates with Bird of Paradise, Afternoon Tea, Flower Petals,
Lisa Frank, Little Purple Pansy, Muscadine Wine, & Pegasus 
Brilliant Lilac on Merino

Bronze (shown here on Superfine Merino/Silk)
coordinates with 
Bronze on Superfine Merino/Silk

Bubble Gum (shown here on Falkland)
coordinates with 
Bubble Gum on Falkland wool

Buttercream (shown here on Organic Polwarth/Silk) 
coordinates with 
Buttercream on Organic Polwarth/Silk

Buttercup (shown here on Falkland wool) 
coordinates with 
Buttercup on Falkland wool

Butterscotch (shown here on Rambouillet) 
coordinates with 
Butterscotch on Rambouillet

Cabernet (shown here on Alpaca/Silk) 
coordinates with 
Cabernet on Alpaca/Silk

Cacao (shown here on Merino)
coordinates with 
Cacao on Merino

Caramel (shown here on Organic Merino)
coordinates with
Caramel on Organic Merino

Cerulean (shown here on Polwarth) 
coordinates with 
Cerulean on Polwarth

Champagne (shown here on Polwarth) 
coordinates with 
Champagne on Polwarth

Cherry (shown here on BFL)
coordinates with 
Cherry on BFL

Chrysalis (shown here on Polwarth) 
coordinates with 
Chrysalis on Polwarth

 Cinnamon (shown here on Merino/Rose/Gold Sparkle)
coordinates with 
Cinnamon on Merino/ Rose/ Gold Sparkle

Circus Peanuts (shown here on Falkland)
coordinates with 
Circus Peanuts on Falkland wool

Clementine (shown here on BFL/Seacell) 
coordinates with 
Clementine on BFL/Seacell

 Coal (shown here on Targhee) 
coordinates with 
Coal on Targhee

Cobalt (shown here on Superwash Merino/Nylon)
coordinates with 
Cobalt on Superwash Merino/Nylon

 Cornflower Blue (shown here on Targhee/Bamboo/Silk)
coordinates with 
Cornflower blue on Targhee/Bamboo/Silk

Crème de menthe (shown here on BFL/Seacell) 
coordinates with 
Crème de menthe on BFL/Seacell

 Dark Lilac (shown here on BFL)
coordinates with 
Dark Lilac on BFL

Dawn Sky (shown here on Organic Merino) 
coordinates with 
Dawn sky on Organic Merino

Deep Purple (shown here on Organic Polwarth/Silk) 
coordinates with 
Deep Purple on Organic Polwarth/Silk

Denim (shown here on BFL) 
coordinates with 
Denim on BFL

 Desire (shown here on Rambouillet) 
coordinates with 
Desire on Rambouillet

Dusty Olive (shown here on Polwarth) 
coordinates with 
Dusty Olive on Polwarth

Created by Elsie B
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Color of the Month - November 2022

November's color is: Teal & month 2 of Color of the Month was a fun one! 'Moody Mermaid' arrived to homes in good time & was on a variety of fiber bases including BFL.
I'll occasionally dye a few extra braids each month & those are available for claiming via the Facebook group


LeAndra Baker
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Color of the Month - October 2022

Super excited to be doing a monthly surprise colorway again & wanted to show off the inaugural result that went out to participants today: My Montaña; named to honor a loved one we abruptly had to say goodbye to.
Dyed on a variety of bases, it turned out so well!
You can always join us for next month's colorway by purchasing here: Color of the Month 

A white wooden backdrop that has 5 pieces of braided fiber laying vertically along it in blue, green, browns and grays

LeAndra Baker
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TMT: What's your current go-to spinning technique?

I asked on Instagram what your current go-to spinning technique is and loved the variety of answers!

They ranged from slightly flippant (but oh so very real):
Whatever way my messed up wheel likes best that day 😢 " 
" Dreaming about spinning! 😍 " 
" “The hands-free” (being too busy to actually touch my wheel) "

 To the tool/approach specific: 

Created by Elsie B
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Details About Our Blended Fibers

Now on to the fiber bases: 

Alpaca/ Silk 
50% Alpaca, 50% Tussah Silk 
Alpaca is considered to be a luxury fibre. The Alpaca is a camelid (related to camels) like the Llama. It produces a fairly fine, soft fibre that has been used for centuries in woven fabrics and vast amounts were imported to Europe for use in suiting. The main producing area are the mountainous South American  countries of Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, but animals have been successfully bred more recently in other countries, on a smaller scale. 
• Alpaca micron count: 24-26 
• Tussah silk micron count: 26-36 
• Rated as next-to-skin for most  


BFL/ Silk 
70% Blue Faced Leicester, 30% Tussah Silk 
The length of BFL paired with the strength of silk? Perfection! Both these fibers have a pretty shimmer so it makes the dyes shine. Tussah Silk is a wild silk. Made from wild tussah silk worms who eat juniper leaves and oak. As the silk is produced in the wild and not in a controlled environment the silk tends to be courser and less lustrous than Mulberry silk and a lot of spinners like the added texture it gives. 
• BFL micron count: 25-27 
• Silk micron count: 26-36 
• Next to skin for most 
• Beginner friendly, in that if you're determined to spin a wool/silk blend, start here. Otherwise, more Intermediate friendly.  

LeAndra Baker
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Details About Our 100% Wool Bases

Now on to the fiber bases: 

Blue Faced Leicester  
Perfect for both beginner & experienced spinners, Blue Faced Leicester wool is fine and dense with a good lustre and is long in staple length. The Blue Faced Leicester fleece is highly prized for its likeness to mohair and for its production of attractive lustrous yarns with good resilience. 25-17 Micron and an average length of 3.34" to 4.33". Rated as next-to-skin for most.  Beginner friendly.


Cheviot is a main British wool breed. The wool top is open without being slippery making it an excellent wool for beginner spinners. The micron count ranges between 27-35 with an average length of 3.14" to 4" in staple. Rated as not next-to-skin for all, definitely best for outerwear. Beginner friendly.

LeAndra Baker
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That's a Real Gem!

As most of our readers know, Created by Elsie B is headquartered in the midwest, right in the heart of Utah. What people may not know is that this is majestic country. We have numerous national and state parks and a whole lot of beauty right out our front door. Around here, fall is a favorite, and the crisp, cozy, captivating atmosphere is really inspiring us! The palettes we're digging are channeling rich fall landscapes and jewel tones, so we pulled together a colorway roundup to reflect that. Jewel tones offer both depth and warmth to your projects and are just perfect for autumnal knits!
LeAndra Baker
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Customer Spotlight- Casey Hudson

Has this year been rough or what?! We don't know about you, but we have to say that crafting, color and creativity have really been a life line for us over the last six months. (Along with being hermits a bit - not going to lie!) When the world gets heavy, it's important to make tangible connections to life, love and hope. One of the most valuable aspects of the work we do here at Created by Elsie B is the opportunity to build community, and we just wouldn't be half what we are without all of you. Today we're thrilled to showcase the lovely and talented Casey Hudson. She's a regular contributor to our Facebook group, lighting up the world with her friendly face and stunning work. She makes the world a better place, and we're so glad to share in that just a little bit.
Rosa Zerkle
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Hello Again, Old Friend!

While it's a given that the new and novel tends to catch attention, there is also something to be said for the tried and true. We love developing new colorways here at Created by Elsie B, but our bread and butter is the fact that we make so many different options that are repeatable. With so many bases to choose from, that's good news for our loyal customers! Whether you underestimate your project needs or just want to try old favorites on every base we offer, restocks are always exciting. If you missed it, we restocked quite the handful of beauties this month, and we wanted to make sure that you didn't miss out on picking any of these up. I think the heat has us channeling fall vibes because there are a lot of jewel tones and autumnal shades in this batch!
Rosa Zerkle
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Care, Empower, Promote!

It's been a while, no? Summer is in full swing at Created by Elsie B headquarters, and we hope you are all doing well and finding plenty of time to spin, knit and create. We've had a lot going on behind the scenes, including our continued focus on diversity education. In our search for resources in this area, we came across one that we just love and wanted to share it with all of you. BIPOC in Fiber is a centralized resource that offers easy access to a wide variety of black and indigenous artists around the world. While there are dozens of ways you can reach out to and promote black voices in the fiber arts, purchasing from diverse makers is one of the very best ways to magnify their reach and appreciate their work. We've found so much to love about this website, and we think you will, too!
Rosa Zerkle
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Diversity in Fiber

You may have noticed that it's been quiet around here. We've spent the last few weeks following what's happening on the public stage, listening and learning about the experiences of the Black community. Created by Elsie B strives to be an inclusive company, and that has always been a part of our values. However, we haven't always been involved and aware of the issue of diversity in fiber. In fact, it really only came on to our radar within the last year. But, we want our customers and readers to know that we're focusing our energy in this area and are sorry that we haven't been more involved. The issue of the lack of diversity in our space has hit us hard, and our eyes are open. We have committed to doing better and being part of the solution. We will miss the mark. We will make mistakes. And, we will listen and learn and take accountability when that happens. If you follow Created by Elsie B on Instagram, that has been our main platform over the last few weeks to highlight the various resources that we have found invaluable to our education. If you are struggling with where to start, we have book lists, educational resources and blog posts there that we have found helpful. In addition, today's blog highlights a very personal and actionable step that any fiber artist can take to encourage, support and promote Black voices in fiber.
Created by Elsie B
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Coming In For a (Semi) Solid Win!

There is no doubt that we love color. (It's kind of our thing here at Created by Elsie B!) LeAndra spends a lot of time pairing and planning for the beauties that we send  out the door every day, not to mention the actual process of mixing and applying the vibrant colors of our Elsie B fibers. And, while there's little doubt that our variegated colorways steal the proverbial show, we like to think that our semi solids are the hidden gems of the spinning world. They are stunning in their own right, but tonals really shine paired with our more colorful options for perfect plying and blending. There is so much you can do with semi solids, and adding them to your fiber repertoire will really kick it up a notch, so to speak. Today we're highlighting just a few of these beauties. While we often develop tonals to match a specific paired colorway, we release them independently as well, and also have several (such as Linen shown here) that have several matching colorways. However you use them, the creative possibilities are truly endless!
Rosa Zerkle
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