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Apparently, 'tis the season of all things new here at Created by Elsie B! Though it wasn't necessarily planned, we have had several new releases this month and have even more pretty big stuff that is coming soon. (Sign up for our newsletter to get first dibs on our very big, very exciting October launch!) If you haven't been following along, check our recently added tab. We added Merino/Seacell as a new base to the shop, opened a pre-order for the cutest little handcrafted Elsie B sheep mug, and we are in the process of adding our stunning hand woven artisan scarves made with hand dyed, hand spun Created by Elsie B fibers! Some of these projects have been in process for most of the year, so to say that we're giddy with excitement to introduce them would an understatement!

What's the Skinny?



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This product launch has been a long time coming, and we've actually been sitting on these for months! With our recent move and all the reorganizing, adjusting and stretching that came along with that, it seemed like the perfect time to let these beauties see the light of day. As creatives, we love that our vision gets paired with yours the majority of the time. Still, we realize that you don't always have the time and energy needed to realize every fiber dream you may have. Having something that you can fall in love with and use right out of the package is sometimes the best option.

There are a few things that make Created by Elsie B scarves super special. In a world on mass production, quality handcrafted items are incredibly valuable. Instead of supporting large manufacturing corporations with factory production, every product that Elsie B carries has our own personal touch on it. If it's not something we make ourselves, we try to support other small business when we are sourcing possible product additions. When it comes to the scarves, LeAndra's incredibly capable hands have literally touched every part of the process from dying to spinning to weaving. These are, in every way, a labor of love from our hearts to your home. (Some scarves do include fibers that were hand dyed by other artisans as well as Created by Elsie B.) Each scarf is a one-of-a-kind creation woven from approximately 2 braids of fiber, equaling about 6 to 7 ounces per scarf on average. (Please note that narrower scarves may contain less yarn and wider weaves may contain more. The scarves vary in price accordingly.) Some colorways include one fiber base while others blend several different fiber bases in one cohesive piece, so check each listing for the specific content of each scarf. 

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 A Word About Care

Our scarves are artisan pieces and, as such, should be considered an investment. While they are intended to be worn, used and loved, proper care should be taken to clean and maintain each piece to give it the longest life. Each scarf is a blend of wool and other natural fibers, so store them in sealed plastic to avoid creepy crawlies when not in active rotation in your wardrobe. (See our blog post on wool and pests for more information on caring for and storing wool of all types.) All our scarves should be hand washed, blocked and laid flat to dry when they become soiled.


           With the holidays approaching (say it isn't so,) we think that our handwoven scarves would be the perfect gift for any discerning recipient on your list that appreciates all things hand made.

          If you have a mom, best friend or grandma, Created by Elsie B scarves are like wrapping up a warm hug for someone you love. Or, if you just need a little self care pick-me-up, we are more than happy to help with that!

Is there a particular scarf that has caught your eye? Do you have a favorite? (We kind of want to keep them all, but we'll share the love!)


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