Do you use fragrances?

I do not! Our goal is to allow those with fragrance sensitivities to enjoy our fibers without worry, and thus no scents are used at any point during production.

It's pretty, but what exactly do you do with it?

This is actually a super common question! This is wool fiber - more specifically, combed top. It's been shorn off the sheep, cleaned & prepared in a fiber mill before it arrives to my dye studio, where it gets colored with the use of professional-grade acid dyes & my unique talent, before it heads off to homes of artists who pet it, love it, squish it, and eventually make handspun yarn, felted or woven pieces, etc, that are enjoyed in a variety of homes across the world.

Professional grade acid dyes?! What?

Before you get to thinking ‘acid is bad for you!’ I will pause & remind you that lemon juice is acid, as is vinegar, and a variety of household items. The reason they’re called acid dyes is because it requires an acidic ‘fixer’ to have the color adhere to the dye. In fact, some dye artists use vinegar in their dyeing.
I utilize citric acid (something found in food, household cleaners, etc) in my dye process, however, each batch is rinsed thoroughly after color application and before drying to remove excess dye & return the ph to non-acidic.

How big is 4 oz?

The amount of combed top per 4 oz as far as length, width, & thickness is going to vary, ranging anywhere from 12-21 ft long depending on the base & the way it was milled.
Alpaca is a very dense fiber & will appear 'smaller' at 4 oz than something fluffier like a 100% wool base. Look at the various photos in the listings - recent additions to the shop have shots where they are held in a basket or hands to give you a better idea of proportions, & the last few shots of every listing show a single 4 oz unbraided & coiled.
Typically speaking 4 oz of fiber produces enough yarn for a hat or a scarf, but not both, & when you first begin you get less yardage than you do after you've been spinning a while. Most customers prefer buying 8oz at a time.

Please send two matching braids in my order/ Please send a braid with more [blue/black/insert color here]

We do offer the ability to specify which braid out of the batch you want (ie: one with black in the middle, one with less white etc) for an additional $5 per braid. If that's something that interests you please message before purchase so that can be added to your order.
Otherwise, please know that braid selection is at random.
I dye my fibers in small batches and no two 4 oz braids will be 100% the same- that's what makes working with hand dyed wool so fun! 

What are your customer service policies?

You can view those here: Customer Service Policies

When can I expect my package?

Here is a link to our Shipping Policies

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