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Unique & Beautiful Hand-Dyed Fibers

Hand dyed wool and hand spun yarn for the spinner & yarn enthusiast. Perfect for spinning, weaving, felting, crochet, knit & more. Dyed in small batches, we stock a variety of limited edition & repeatable color ways. Each item is hand crafted in Utah, USA

Targhee 'Thistle' 4 oz hand dyed spinning fiber, red dyed roving, Created by ElsieB black combed top, wool roving by the pound
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Organic Merino 'Dancing Tulips' 4 oz
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Targhee 'Chincoteague' 4 oz spinning fiber, hand dyed wool for spinning, blue dyed roving by the pound, Created by Elsie B brown combed top
BFL/ Seacell 'Tropical Frangipani' 4 oz hand dyed roving CreatedbyElsieB Blue Faced Leicester spinning fiber, orange combed top, wool roving
Handwoven Scarf 'Autumn Rose'
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Handwoven Scarf 'Sunshine & Clover'
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Handwoven Scarf 'Tulip Fields'
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Handwoven Scarf 'Serendipity'
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