7 Braid Colorways

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Merino/ Seacell 'Hot Air Balloon' 4 oz
21 micron Merino 'Watermelon' 4 oz semi-solid combed top, red spinning fiber, hand dyed roving, Created by Elsie B wool roving by the pound
21 micron Merino 'Romance Remembered' 4 oz combed top, pink wool roving by the pound, hand dyed roving, CreatedbyElsieB brown spinning fiber
BFL/ Silk 'Cocoa & Ice Skates' 4 oz
Organic Polwarth/ Silk 'Caramel' 4 oz semi-solid spinning fiber, hand dyed wool, Created by ElsieB wool silk roving by the pound, combed top
Polwarth 'Root Beer Float' 4 oz brown combed top for spinning, CreatedbyElsieB spinning fiber, cream wool by the pound, hand dyed roving
Falkland 'Oak Leaf' 4 oz
Merino/ Bamboo/ Silk 'Hummingbird' 4 oz
Alpaca/ Silk 'Gold Rush' 4 oz
Superwash Merino/ Nylon 'Thistle' 4 oz
BFL/ Silk 'Mallard' 4 oz
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