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Ready, Set, Spin!

Playing with fiber is what we do here at Created by Elsie B. From picking palettes to dyeing to braiding and packaging, it's kind of our thing. And, while LeAndra definitely does her fair share of spinning and creating finished projects, we don't always get to see all our colorways in their full glory, so to speak. A few months ago, we did a colorway roundup and, on a whim, I searched in our Facebook group to see if anyone had spun up some of our featured braids. (They had!) Suffice it to say that I was blown away. While we linked to the group and encouraged you to all go take a look, it didn't work to actually include the spun yarns in the post. (Boo!) So, today, we're going to rectify that. We put out a call in our Facebook group for spun yarns from Elsie B fibers and were, frankly, a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response. You guys are ridiculously talented! I wish I could include everyone's beautiful work, but there just isn't enough room. I've tried to select a broad variety and include as many people as I can in this feature. Settle in and enjoy - you're sure to be inspired by these stunning transformations!
Rosa Zerkle
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