Rambouillet & Blends

Rambouillet is the French predecessor to Targhee, and is often known as 'French Merino'.  This bouncy wool has lots of 'floof' factor after spinning & can be an incredibly fun spin.  This wool is also brilliant for felting.
Cottage Garden on Rambouillet Nylon
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'Bubble Gum' Rambouillet 4 oz
'Mahogany' Rambouillet 4 oz
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Rambouillet/ Nylon 'Silver Succulent' 4 oz semi-solid green dyed fiber by the pound, CreatedbyElsieB hand dyed combed top, wool for spinning
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Rambouillet 'Golden Wheat' 4 oz semi-solid combed top, yellow spinning fiber, hand dyed roving, Created by Elsie B wool roving by the pound
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Rambouillet 'Snapdragons' 4 oz spinning fiber, pink hand dyed roving, yellow combed top, Created by ElsieB purple wool roving by the pound
Only 1 left!
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