Dyed to Order - Variegated (F-H)

A list of repeatable Created by Elsie B colorways available via Dyed to Order. 

Fairy Dreams (shown here on 21m Merino) 
Fairy Dreams spinning fiber

Fairy Garden (shown here on Rambouillet) 
Fairy Garden hand dyed wool
Fireworks (shown here on Corriedale/Bamboo/Silk) 
Fireworks spinning fiber
First Blush (shown here on Superfine Merino/Silk) 
First blush hand dyed wool
Flamingo (shown here on Falkland wool) 
Flamingo spinning fiber
Flower Petals (shown here on 21m Merino) 
Flower Petals hand dyed wool
Forest Dewdrops (shown here on Superfine Merino/Silk) 
Forest Dewdrops on hand dyed wool
Fox Den (shown here on Organic Merino) 
Fox Den spinning fiber
Gelato (shown here on Rambouillet) 
Gelato spinning fiber
Gemstone Kaleidoscope (shown here on 21m Merino)
Gemstone Kaleidoscope on hand dyed wool
Gold Rush (shown here on Superfine Merino/Silk) 
Gold Rush spinning fiber
Golden Pear (shown here on BFL) 
Golden Pear on spinning fiber
Graffiti (shown here on Merino/Seacell) 
Graffiti on spinning fiber
Grapefruit Tart (shown here on Targhee) 
Grapefruit Tart spinning fiber
Great Lakes (shown here on Superfine Merino) 
Great Lakes spinning fiber
Gumdrops (shown here on Superfine Merino/Silk) 
Gumdrops spinning fiber
Heal (shown here on 21m Merino) 
Heal on spinning fiber
Heirloom Pumpkin (shown here on Targhee/Bamboo/Silk) 
Heirloom Pumpkin spinning fiber
Hello Gorgeous (shown here on Organic Polwarth) 
Hello Gorgeous spinning fiber
Hello Love (shown here on SW Merino/Bamboo/Nylon) 
Hello Love spinning fiber
Hibiscus (shown here on Rambouillet) 
Hibiscus spinning fiber
Highlighters (shown here on Targhee) 
Highlighters spinning fiber
Hummingbird (shown here on Organic Polwarth) 
Hummingbird spinning fiber  
Hyacinth (shown here on Targhee/Bamboo/Silk)  
Hyacinth spinning fiber
LeAndra Baker

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