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Playing with fiber is what we do here at Created by Elsie B. From picking palettes to dyeing to braiding and packaging, it's kind of our thing. And, while LeAndra definitely does her fair share of spinning and creating finished projects, we don't always get to see all our colorways in their full glory, so to speak. A few months ago, we did a colorway roundup and, on a whim, I searched in our Facebook group to see if anyone had spun up some of our featured braids. (They had!) Suffice it to say that I was blown away. While we linked to the group and encouraged you to all go take a look, it didn't work to actually include the spun yarns in the post. (Boo!) So, today, we're going to rectify that. We put out a call in our Facebook group for spun yarns from Elsie B fibers and were, frankly, a bit overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response. You guys are ridiculously talented! I wish I could include everyone's beautiful work, but there just isn't enough room. I've tried to select a broad variety and include as many people as I can in this feature. Settle in and enjoy - you're sure to be inspired by these stunning transformations!

(P.S. The featured photo above is Navy and Sea Storm two-plyed together by Sarah Meisinger.)


Wood Duck by Nikole Dahl

Nikole is a prolific spinner and a regular contributor in our group. She does incredibly beautiful work, and this spin is no exception. (Our blog cover features Nikole's spin of Afternoon Tea as a 2x2 cable.) She took three different braids of our best-selling Wood Duck, split them out and combined various sections to create three different 3-ply skeins of yarn with very distinct looks. I love the striped effect created in the finished hat when it's all pulled back together. It's so creative and unique! 





Oak Leaf by Aracely Ragazzo

Though it's as blendable as any other semi solid in its tonality, there is actually a lot going on with Oak Leaf. It leads with olive tones but has tans and blues woven throughout. Aracely spun this as a short backward 2-ply, and it's subtle in its beauty. I love it so and can imagine it mixed and matched in so many ways with other fibers.


Unicorns by Jennifer Poucket

This spin by Jennifer is such a great example of how easy and interesting it is to create different looks with the same fibre. She took Unicorns, another Elsie B fan favorite, and created two skeins of 3-ply yarn two different ways. The yarn on the left has a more gradient effect, while the right skein features variegated strands throughout. The finished socks are super fun, and (I'm sure) so, so comfy!


Pheasant Drive by Astrid JT

This is a colorway that many might not recognize. One of the fun things we do here at Created by Elsie B is offer a monthly surprise fiber club. This colorway was from the Luxury Fiber of the Month Club. It inspired Astrid so much that she dropped everything to spin it. Don't you just love the results? She spun it using a z twist on her Ashford e-spinner 3 and wove it on her Schact RHL loom. It's destined to become a throw pillow case. 



There were several dozen more amazing spins that were generously shared for this blog call, and we wish we could have included them all. They are all fabulous and wow-worthy. We have an active Facebook community where you can see this amazing assortment as well as other spins shared by our much-loved and very talented Elsie B peeps. Check it out, and come join the fun!

The #elsiebgiveaway2020 has ended, and we've got a few winners to announce!  The lucky people are the following: From IG - @ericka2385, @therustedflamingo, @anniefofaniebananie. From FB- Amanda Mxy, & Catlyn Hartley. Congrats, friends! 

Send us an email at, or message us via IG to claim your prize.

***Prize must be claimed by 4/16/2020, or we will redraw for a new winner.***

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