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While having creative freedom and full control are the primary benefits of running a small business like Created by Elsie B, there is so much that goes on behind the scenes! Created by Elsie B began as a one-woman show, but today a team of skilled professionals assists LeAndra to keep it all running like a well-oiled machine. Over time, tasks like photography, management, shipping and content have been outsourced to free up our fearless leader to focus on the creative, hands-on aspects of the business such as dyeing, product development and design. In fact, Elsie B currently employs five women who work remotely in various parts of the business, as well as LeAndra's husband Sam who supports her in different ways as needed. We'd like to pull the curtain back and introduce you to the people who help Created by Elsie B grow and succeed, starting with myself (because I'm the easiest to reach!)

Tell Us a Bit About Yourself.

My name is Rosa. I'm 42, a wife of 24 years and a mom of seven, including three adult children, one of whom is married. I've worked in freelance writing for ten years, covering about as many topics as you can imagine, but crafting and parenting are my favorite niche subjects.

What Role Do You Play at Elsie B?

I take care of all the writing here at Created by Else B, including this blog and the newsletter. I also provide another set or eyes and ears on occasion for proofreading new listings on the website or projects like the Year of Fiber calendar.

Are You a Fiber Artist Yourself? Any Other Hobbies or Interests?

I am not a knitter or spinner, though I'd be keen to learn. (If I do, I'll blog about it!) I am, however, a very crafty person. I'm an expert seamstress of 23 years, embroider, play around with vinyl, and make cold-process soap and lotions. Though I sometimes have to do some basic research on fiber specific topics or consult LeAndra to make sure I have technical points correct, just having a creative background really helps me when I'm covering the fiber world. There is a surprising amount of crossover in different niche fields around textiles and creativity.

What Is Your Favorite Part of Working With Created by Elsie B?

I love that I get to pair my two strongest loves - the written word and my crafty side. I also love the flexibility of working at home and being an independent contractor. I like the freedom to set my own schedule and organize my life in the way that works best for me. I also just genuinely love being surrounded by beauty and color. (Red is my favorite!)

What is LeAndra's Greatest Strength as a Business Owner?

LeAndra is one of the most growth oriented people I have ever met. Being healthy, both personally and in a business sense, is extremely important to her, and that is a trait that I have always admired about her. She is willing to do hard and uncomfortable things for greater sustainability. Because she does such a good job of keeping the customer experience consistent and the product top-notch quality, I think even our regulars would be surprised at how much change has happened behind the scenes in the last few years. There's been a lot of growth and adjustment, and none of it would have been possible without her willingness to stretch and do difficult things to make it happen.

How Has Working with LeAndra Changed Your Outlook or Daily Habits in a Positive Way?

Before I came on as the resident wordsmith, I worked in-house as a production assistant for about 6 months. Besides the ever-lovable Sam (who is genuinely as funny, charming and supportive as the snippets LeAndra shares,) I've probably been in the actual working environment more than any other Elsie B team member which is kind of fun. (We won't count Brutus!) LeAndra listens to audio books and podcasts frequently while she works, and that's a habit that I've actually carried with me since my role in the business has changed. She introduced me to the Life Coach School podcast, and it remains a staple on my playlist.

What is Your Favorite Elsie B Product?

Because we already know I'm not a fiber artist, I'm going to have to go with my sheep mug. I have one of the red ones that was only available as a preorder, and it's so fun and cute. I drink my morning coffee with it pretty regularly. However, knowing how I dive into crafts and my all-in style, If I do start knitting, I can't imagine playing with a drop spindle long before I'm dying for a Spinolution wheel. We carry a ton of them, and they're such beautiful and functional machines!

I hope that you enjoyed meeting me! When you read the blog or open a newsletter, just imagine me sending you a discreet little wave from behind my desk. I'm really looking forward to seeing the perspectives of my colleagues as we continue this series. I think it's a fun way to connect our customers with the real-life workings of Created by Elsie B and show the various sides of what makes it all tick at headquarters. 

Is there any specific questions you would like to ask the Elsie B team? Let me know, and I'll try to add them to our next Behind the Scenes post!

Rosa Zerkle

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