The Colorful Eggs in our Basket

As most of our readers know, Created by Elsie B is headquartered in Utah, and we have long, cold winters. (The state is famous for its great skiing!) Lately, however, we've been peeking our heads out from under the covers and seeing sunshiny skies and warm temperatures (this weekend is supposed to hit 60 degrees,) and it's making us dream of all things spring! While we expect several more cold snaps before we get an actual seasonal shift, the onset of March is always an exciting time with grass and tulips tentatively peeking out from snow-covered ground. Spring is in the air here, even if just for a moment, and we couldn't resist riffling through our bins to showcase some of our spring-worthy braids in all our favorite pastel hues. Whether you're already well into spring or still have a ways to go like we do, we're sure you'll find something in the mix to brighten your day!


Tapestry Rose

This is such a yummy colorway! With its array of inspiring shades, Tapestry Rose is decadently delicious! Apricot, chocolate and deep rose tones dance between purple-leaning pinks that are dotted with white space. We couldn't resist jumping over to the Facebook page to see if there were any shared spun photos of this beauty because it's so enthralling how it blends together. (Go search! Our community members did not disappoint!) This spring-time star is currently available on the ever-loved and super luxurious Polwarth/Silk.


Rose Mint Tea

While it's not the traditional pop of spring green, mint shades just give us all the warm-weather feels. They just seem to perfectly represent that in between space where there is still a nip in the early morning air, but the sunshine peeks through and whisks away the chill and warms your soul. Imagine sitting on your back porch with a steaming cup of tea right when that moment hits, and you have the embodiment of Rose Mint Tea. This colorway includes various shades of mint and teal leaning tones that are perfectly balanced with hints of grey and rose. On BFL/Seacell you get lovely streaks of white that give this a divine contrast and so much interest.


Sweet Orchid

Domesticated orchids are the quintessential picture of spring, presenting a botanical taste of grace and beauty. These flowers, however, have so much diversity and can mirror butterflies, birds or even monkey faces. (How fun is that?) Sweet Orchid perfectly embodies this mix of elegance and playfulness, and I can't get enough! I adore colorways like this where you can see how each color breaks in its various incarnations. While it leads with lavender tones, olive, pistachio, plum and maroon all peek out from the nooks and crannys of this delight. Currently available on Rambouillet/Nylon, Sweet Orchid is shown here with its semi-solid companion, Pistachio. It's so, so good!


Circus Peanuts

There was no way we could resist sneaking in a semi-solid offering in our spring roundup. These are some of the most versatile braids in the Elsie B shop, and we have a lot of fun creating various pairings to really make them shine. Sometimes it even happens on accident. (Hello, Linen! We're looking at you.) Circus Peanuts is a soft but super fun shade of orange that plays so well with spring color palettes. Orange coordinates particularly well with shades of pink, yellow, purple, blue and green. Currently dyed on Falkland wool, this cheerful tonal just make us smile!





Bright, vibrant and alive are three adjectives that immediately pop to mind to describe Snapdragons. The explosion of later spring in all its glory where our snow-capped mountains contrast with a world coming awake in the valleys below is what this braid depicts. Bright purples, impactful oranges, buttery yellows and magenta pinks dip and weave across this luscious Rambouillet base in the most perfectly balanced dance. When plied with its semi-solid companion Berry, it looks like candy floss and lollipops and is unbelievably beautiful!



No matter where you are in the country, spring has a distinct appeal and brings to mind new life, warmth and the awakening of the soul. Sometimes it comes on as an abrupt change and sometimes it sneaks in quietly and almost unnoticed in its subtly. Either way, it is almost always a welcome time of year. We can't wait to permanently tuck away cold and snow and embrace all the colorful hues in our springtime basket!

Have you spun any of these springy colorways? We'd love to see! Do you have a favorite colorway or color combination that reminds you of warmth and sun?

Rosa Zerkle

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