One of These Things is Not (Exactly) Like the Other!

We love that we are able to offer so many options for combed top fiber at Created by Elsie B! However, the wide variety means that we get questions frequently about what all the bases are and what the differences are between them. While that is a bit of a loaded question, we thought that a fun and easy way to do some comparisons would be to show the same colorways side-by-side on different fiber bases. Today's edition of this recurring series features Merino/Seacell, one of the newest fiber bases at Created by Elsie B. It's a beauty, and we think you'll love it as much as we do!

Velveteen Garden

First off, this colorway is stunning on every base! Velveteen Garden includes shades of brown, grey, olive and orange. As the color breaks over the fiber, varying tones blend beautifully to give this colorway a distinctly vintage vibe.


Shop Merino/Seacell Velveteen Garden

The Merino/Seacell base really brings out the best in Velveteen Garden! Seacell is a viscose fiber similar to bamboo, and it doesn't take up acid dyes well, so you see white streaking through this finished braid where the viscose fibers thread through the base. The classic colors of Velveteen Garden on Merino/Seacell appear soft and muted for an elegant effect. These types of blends create variegated visuals in the finished product while also giving you an incredibly soft and strong yarn when spun.



Shop Elsie Bits Velveteen Garden


While Velveteen Garden appears softer on Merino/Seacell, you get much more distinct tones when this colorway is applied to the different fiber bases in an Elsie Bits bundle. There are much larger white patches across the colorway, providing a more bold contrast. What appears grey in a braid of Merino/Seacell breaks in tones that lean blue here. If you blended a Velveteen Garden Elsie Bits pack with the a braid of Merino/Seacell, wouldn't that be a stunning effect?




If you're a fan of jewel tones, then Hummingbird is a must-have colorway! Shades of pink, purple, lime, grey and green really make this beauty pop!


Shop Merino/Seacell Hummingbird

Unlike the prior colorway, you do see some dye on the Seacell fibers with this braid of Hummingbird. There is definitely some white streaking, but you also get more of a two-toned effect with a somewhat pastel shading throughout each piece. Hummingbird is not only vibrant on Merino/Seacell but also very dimensional! Seacell blends are very fun in that the final outcome does depend a bit on the exact dyes used, so you'll see slightly different effects created from colorway to colorway.


Shop Polwarth Hummingbird



When applied to a Polwarth base, Hummingbird is just an all-around more bold braid of combed top fiber. The colors are more saturated and consistent, and they don't bleed and blend together as much as you move across the spectrum of shades. In addition, Polwarth is just a very squishy, bouncy and springy base. Looking at these two versions of this beauty, you can tell they're sisters but definitely not twins!




What better way to compare fiber types than to use a semi-solid colorway and remove some of the variability? Berry is a pink-leaning purple tonal colorway that pairs with not only Hummingbird but also with Derby Girl, Snapdragons and Dragonfly, making it not only lovely but versatile as well.


Shop Merino/Seacell Berry

On the Merino/Seacell base, the shades in Berry effortlessly flow from one area to the next, almost like a subtle stream of color dancing across the braid. You perceive that there are pink tones as well as darker pops of purple, but you have to look a little closer on this base to pull them out with your eye.





Shop Polwarth/Silk Berry



Berry comes across as a more bold and defined colorway on our Polwarth/Silk combed top fiber base. You see more distinct tones of pink and purples with the darker tones leaning almost plum. The benefits of wool pair effortlessly with mulberry silk, adding to this braid's overall strength and feel. Polwarth/Silk is one of our most popular fiber bases for good reason!



Do you have a favorite fiber base? Leave us a comment and let us know what colorways you would like to see featured in this series!



Rosa Zerkle


Rosa Zerkle

I’m a newer spinner and find BFL and Corriedale to be very pleasant to spin (although I’m enjoying the challenge of other fibers as well!), I’d love to see Tree Frog in BFL or Rose Mint Tea in Corriedale (I’ve just ordered it in BFL/Seacell and I’m SUPER excited to see it in person, I huge softie for pink/green/gray), just to see how these might look/feel in different fibers.

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