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There are many advantages to operating a small business, but one of our favorite things here at Created by Elsie B is that we get to make personal connections with our customers. Producing these fibers is really a one-woman show, with a very small supporting cast that holds a few specific balls in the air behind the scenes. Because of this, you are all not just our customers, but people that we consider friends. You get to see a bit of the personal side of the business through our Facebook group and by following us on Instagram. (Use #elsiebeconfessions to find behind-the-scenes vignettes about what makes LeAndra tick!)

Still, our customers keep us going, so we are thrilled to announce that one of the recurring features on the Created by Elsie B blog will be a customer spotlight where we get to take the focus off the business side of things to spend a little one-on-one time with a favorite customer - you!

How Do I Sign Up?

Velveteen Garden as yarn by Nickole Dahl

Applying to be featured on the Created by Elsie B blog is easy! We've created a submission form in Google Docs where you can submit your name and email address (so we can let you know when your feature is live.) The form then has a list of eight questions to help us get to know you, your fiber tastes and your history as a fiber artist. Add anywhere from a few sentences to a detailed paragraph to each of these items - whatever you're comfortable with sharing. Finally, there is an upload tab where you can send us from three to five photos of you, your Elsie B stash, your favorite spinning projects, your storage area or anything else that strikes your fancy. (Don't forget to fill in the specifics for each photo you send so we know what we're looking at!)

While we don't expect anyone to be a professional photographer, our favorite photos to feature are well lit, in focus and free from excessive visual distractions. This customer photo sent to us by Nickole Dahl is a perfect example. She showcased her slub cable spin of a Velveteen Garden Elsie Bits pack beautifully! (The stunning weaving project in the cover photo was shared by Shauna Harris and features the colorway Smitten.)

A Few Things to Note

We used Google Docs because we wanted to make the submission process as easy as possible for our readers. After all, the customer spotlight is for you and about you! If you have a Google account, answer the questionnaire and upload your photos directly to our submission form. For those that do not have a Google account, you can fill out and submit all the questions in the form but will be unable to add photos without logging in.
Instead, email your photos to hellocreatedbyelsieb@gmail.com, and we will manually add them to your feature post when we publish it. Please use the title "Customer Spotlight" and be sure to include all the information pertaining to each photo sent. 

Shop Elsie Bits Heal, one of Leandra's Favorites

Finally, we like to think that we are your top supplier of hand dyed, combed top fiber, but we do know that you probably shop with other fiber artists as well. We want to spotlight you whether you've been our customer for one order or one hundred, but because this feature is intended to celebrate your love of all things Elsie B, we do ask that the main feature of your submitted fiber photos be Created by Elsie B products. If you need some inspiration, browsing some of LeAndra's favorites is always a great place to see some of the most loved braids we carry!

Customer Spotlight Form


What would you like to know about your fellow fiber lovers? Please leave us a comment if you have any feedback or suggestions about how we could improve this feature!

Rosa Zerkle


Rosa Zerkle

Created by Elsie B fiber is my favorite. I love them all :)

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