I Can Knit a Rainbow


"Red and yellow and pink and green, purple and orange and blue..." Now, if you aren't singing that in your head at this point, you must be way outside the culture we grew up in. (Is this a universal song of youth? We really have no idea.) We're deep into spring here at Created by Elsie B headquarters in Utah, so rainbows are on our mind. It's in the high 70s today, and we had snow just a few short weeks ago. It's all par for the course around here, but the warm weather is certainly very welcome! Flowers are popping up. We're starting to think about gardens, and we are just dying to wrap everything in color and brightness! Today's roundup is rainbow inspired, and we've chosen a variety of hues to share with you. (P.S. Fairy Dreams and its coordinating semi solid Peach Blush shown here are a beautiful burst of pink, purple and orange tones.)


Isle of Roses

Though it's one of our newer colorways, Isle of Roses is turning out to be an eye catcher in the Elsie B catalog. Deep red tones dance effortlessly with raspberry, mauve, olive, cream and black. It's currently available on fluffy and bouncy BFL. The possibilities are endless for blending this palette!




Color Wheel

It shouldn't be a secret that Color Wheel remains both a house and a customer favorite. While it's shown here on Merino/Seacell (we adore how it appears on this base,) it's also currently available on Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon where it shows up in a slightly softer tone. (This would make the most vibrant socks, don't you think?) If there is a single Elsie B colorway that more fully embodies the inspiration of rainbows, we don't know what it would be! Color Wheel is pretty much Roy G Biv in a braid.



Autumn Harvest

While it's definitely a fall-worthy color palette, Autumn Harvest is such a burst of yellows, oranges and greens that we thought it needed a place in our rainbow roundup. It reminds us of all the irises, tulips and pansies that are in bloom right now and, of course, sunflowers drooping deeply into a hot summer evening. While some people are shy of yellow, it's such a lovely and versatile color that we think deserves much more love!




Though it's distinctly different from the tones in Color Wheel, Hummingbird is another Created by Elsie B star that is an absolute symphony of color! It's jewel-toned hues include raspberry red, lime, classic green, magenta and grey tones. Aptly named, it definitely reminds us of the garden darling it resemebles flitting and buzzing from bloom to bloom in a vibrant backyard habitat. There is just so much going on here, and we adore it all!


While we can only select a few of our favorites to highlight here, there are so many more colorful beauties at Created by Elsie B! It's super easy to shop by color families (see our blog post here that highlights how to easily navigate and search our website.) No matter how spring has sprung in your neck of the woods, we hope that you find inspiration, hope and enlightenment as you spin!

If you've spun any of these colorways, we'd love to see it! Does your yarn stash favor a specific color family, or are you a rainbow lover, too? What are some of your favorite vibrant colorways, either past or present?

Rosa Zerkle

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