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Not to be too sentimental, but we have a special place in our heart for each and every braid of hand-dyed combed top fiber that we put our creative touch on. There are definitely some that we love maybe a little more than others. (Check out LeAndra's Favorites to see the picks that really make our hearts sing!) Still, they are all unique in their own way. What you may not realize, however, is that we offer two types of colorways in our shop - repeatable and OOAK. What that means is that there are certain colorways that are truly limited editions. If you fall in love with a one of a kind colorway, be sure to stock up, because once it's gone, it's gone for good!

What is a One of a Kind?

Simply put, a OOAK colorway is any color combination that we are not able to reproduce consistently from batch to batch. While you might think there is some rhyme or reason to why a particular combo might be offered as a one of a kind, as a small batch manufacturer, it really varies.  For any particular colorway, Created by Elsie B just might not have saved a recipe when it was created, or we may have mixed leftover dye batches in a way that made it impossible to track ratios. In some instances, (shh, don't tell!) we might have been a bit ho-hum about how something came out and just not really be interested in working with that combo again. Either way, batches that are listed as one of a kind are a one-time run, and we don't plan on making them again. While a conservative purchase of something that is repeatable makes sense in some cases, we recommend that you err on the side of purchasing extra if your basket includes anything listed as OOAK.

Parsing the Product Listing

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There are a few ways to pick out which products in the Elsie B catalog are OOAK. For a quick overview of everything in that category, searching the shop for "one of a kind" will pull up more than two dozen colorways that are Created by Elsie B limited editions. You can also easily find the status of a particular colorway by opening the listing. Directly under the "Details" section of each listing is one line tagged with star icons that indicates whether that catalog item is one of a kind or repeatable. In addition, when you receive your braids, the product tag will include that same information, making it easy to go back through your Elsie B stash to determine each colorway's status. Most of what we offer is repeatable, but it's important when planning your projects to double check if you're unsure of whether something will be regularly available for repurchase. Some things, like fiber club colorways, however, will always be one of a kind.

What About Custom Orders?

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Obviously, not everyone is able to purchase everything that they love from our shop at any given moment. (We feel your pain there!) If you see something in the shop and aren't able to snag it right away, or if you need more braids in a colorway than are currently available, can you place a custom order for a one of a kind colorway? The short answer to that question is that we can't guarantee that we can exactly replicate anything that is listed as OOAK in the catalog. We can create something unique for you that is inspired by something else you love, and it may come pretty close, but some of the factors will be out of our control, so it's important to be prepared for surprises if you order a custom that is based off a one of a kind dye batch.

On a final note, if you do fall in love with a one of a kind colorway and are unable to purchase a sufficient amount for your project, don't forget to check for coordinating colorways! Plying a semi solid or coordinate with a limited edition is a great way to increase your overall finished yardage and get the most out of the OOAK combinations that you love!

Do you own any one of a kind colorways? What is your favorite way to use braids that are limited edition?


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