Baa Baa Black Sheep!

While fiber and all the ins and outs of preparing, picking color palettes and dyeing make up the majority of what we do here at Created by Elsie B, LeAndra is also a spinner, knitter and fiber artist herself. This means that not only do you get the absolute best fibers when you shop with us, but we also have a variety of bits, bobs and complementary products that speak to fiber-loving souls like you. If you haven't searched our product catalog extensively, you may have missed our Elsie B Sheep Notions Bag, one of the cutest and most useful additions to the website. Today we're spotlighting these little darlings, where they came from and their plethora of uses!

About Notions Bags

At Created by Elsie B, we're always on the lookout for things that make your life easier, and we're a sucker for anything cute, especially if it's sheep themed. When small, character-inspired bags first popped up on our radar, we quickly realized that we needed this compact, cute and useful Elsie B sheep in our product catalog and set out to bring it to life.

One of our business goals at Created by Elsie B is to support other handmade, small and women-owned business, and we sourced the notions bags accordingly. Each and every one is hand crafted by local professional seamstresses in Utah to the highest standards of quality construction. They are fully lined, and feature a zip-top closure and roomy interior pocket. The face details are hand embroidered, and the cutest little button eyes complete the whimsical look that makes these so recognizable as Elsie B originals. Because we love natural fibers so much, each bag is made with 100% cotton which is both durable and sustainable. They can easily be hand washed, laid flat to dry and even ironed if care is taken to protect the button eyes.

Limited and Exclusive

It's no secret that Created by Elsie B knows how to combine colors! LeAndra is a bit of a wizard that way, and every Sheep Notions Bag is designed by her and exclusive to our shop. The photos featured here reflect our current assortment, but the variety periodically changes, and each fabric combination is only available for a limited time, making notions bags extremely collectible and perfect for gifting to your favorite fiber lover (even if that's yourself!)

For Needles, Stitch Markers and More!

As the name denotes, the Sheep Notions Bag is intended to keep track of small knitting and crochet accessories like needles, stitch markers and even small works-in-progress. The inside pocket is ideal for keeping smaller items organized and readily accessible, and the zipper makes sure that you can quickly grab your bag and securely transport your supplies when you're on the go.

However, the thing that we love the most about notions bags here at Elsie B is how versatile they are! If you're anything like us, you find yourself not only loving fiber arts, but finding a variety of other ways to feed your creative juices. At 8.5" wide at the widest point and 6" deep, Sheep Notions Bags also perfectly hold:

  • pens/markers/art supplies
  • makeup
  • cash and change
  • hand sewing projects and supplies
  • travel accessories

Regardless of how you use them, we find the Sheep Notions Bag both endearingly adorable and infinitely useful, and we kind of want them all. We won't tell if you do as well!

Have you tried our sheep bags? What is your favorite thing about this product? Let us know if you have found other creative uses besides storing your needles!


    Rosa Zerkle

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