Dyed in my watercolor style, this colorway is one of a kind.
Because this colorway isn't repeatable I want you to have the braid you want - choose from the dropdown menu your exact braid (A thru H)

Hand dyed Targhee wool top. Good for spinning, felting, blending, & petting upon occasion 
A blend of Rambouillet, Corriedale, and Lincoln, this American breed was developed in the 1900's. 
Colors: Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Purple (inspired by the colorway 'Snapdragons')
4 oz / 113 grams 

Micron count: 23 
How soft is it? Next to skin soft 

**This is a One Of A Kind (non-repeatable) colorway, please purchase enough for your project ** 

Dyed with Jacquard, Dharma and/or ProChem acid dyes 
I dye all my fiber using professional acid dyes in my smoke free & pet friendly home.  Our puppy Brutus the Yorkshire Terrier, is of course, not allowed to play with the wool. 
Care instructions: Handwash finished product in cool water, this item will felt. 

More fibers on Rambouillet: Rambouillet & Blends  
Shop by color:  Yellow, Red, Orange  

Please be aware. While I do strive to accurately represent the colors in all my products, all monitors vary and what I see on my screen, may not be what you see on yours. 

Because of the nature of hand dyed fibers, each batch is unique & variations will occur. 

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