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As most of our readers know, Created by Elsie B is headquartered in the midwest, right in the heart of Utah. What people may not know is that this is majestic country. We have numerous national and state parks and a whole lot of beauty right out our front door. Around here, fall is a favorite, and the crisp, cozy, captivating atmosphere is really inspiring us! The palettes we're digging are channeling rich fall landscapes and jewel tones, so we pulled together a colorway roundup to reflect that. Jewel tones offer both depth and warmth to your projects and are just perfect for autumnal knits!





Are you feeling a bit blue? No need to fret with this stunning semi-solid to brighten your day! Sapphire offers the richest, deepest tones to any of your spins. It's fabulous on its own (can you imagine this as ribbing with a coordinating variegated??) or plyed with a partnering colorway. It goes particularly well with Great Lakes (it will be coming back!) and is currently available on Superfine Merino wool.




Purple Umbrella

We really can't do a roundup of jewel tones without picking out a purple to include, now can we? While most people think of amethyst when searching their memory for a purple gem, there are actually quite a few in nature, including grape topaz, blueberry quartz and (my favorite!) purple spinet. With so many shades in the mix, Purple Umbrella is a gem-inspired fluff party. You definitely need it in your stash! This variegated colorway blends effortlessly with Iris and is currently dyed on a Polwarth base.




We can't tell you how fun it was to search for gemstone inspiration for Spanish Rose! There are actually several unbelievable gems that feature rainbow colors. We're not sure what we love more- rainbow opal, bismuth or abalone - they're all phenomenally inspiring! Whatever your favorite, Spanish Rose blends multiple jewel tones effortlessly in one out-of-this-world colorway, with greens, pinks, greys and purples dancing in a row. We currently have this available on Rambouillet/Nylon, and it pairs with both Ebony and Golden Wheat.






Created by Elsie B named this colorway with a bit of a wink and a nod because it's a less traditional version of this fan favorite gemstone. Ranging from soft pink to rosy lilac, this stone is a stunner! Our semi-solid Amethyst braid also includes several shades of pretty pinks for your spinning enjoyment. Currently dyed of Organic Polwarth/Silk, it coordinates with the repeatable colorway Berry Splash, but is also a super versatile friend to many other pink-toned braids.


Even though it's so common to take the world around us for granted - after all, we see, smell and hear the same variety of things on most days - it would be hard to imagine a world without color. Living in the midwest can sometimes seem a bit like a country painting, and it just wouldn't be the same without the richness and vibrance that color brings to the world. We hope these braids provide just as much inspiration and light up your life just a little bit!


With how crazy this year has been, we're in a bit of a slump! We'd love to hear your input on what you'd like to see on the blog. Do you have questions that you want answered? A favorite tutorial? Tips, tricks and techniques that you think would benefit the community? Drop us an email or leave a comment with your ideas!

LeAndra Baker

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