Paint the Town Red (And Pink!)

While we believe that it is always a good time to celebrate love, February is the month that is traditionally dedicated to honoring devotion, passion and commitment. Here at Created by Elsie B, we are definitely devoted to our craft and are passionate about every colorway we produce. Still, red and pink are the traditional colors for Valentine's Day, so today we're highlighting our very favorite love-inspired braids to share with you. We are positive that you'll find something you adore in this mix!

(As a side note, one of the quickest and easiest ways to search our catalog is by color. Just hit "Shop" to the left of our navigation menu and then "By Color" to see our full Elsie B assortment organized by shade.)




Dancing Tulips

With its soft feel and gentle tones, Dancing Tulips reminds us of young love blossoming in the spring. The pink is this beauty leans towards rose tones and is complimented by buttercup yellow, white and pops of salmon reds. It's so aptly named and so, so lovely! It's currently available on organic Merino.



As a classic shade of red, Cherry's neutral tones make it an extremely versatile semi-solid. There are several shade variations throughout this braid, and it's a beautiful blending option for several variegated colorways. Cherry works perfectly with both Color Wheel, a much-loved Created by Elsie B classic, and Bandana, a patriotic-leaning red, white and blue braid. Check it out on both this BFL base and on Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon where it dyes slightly more muted but still equally as stunning.



Hello Love

There is no way we wouldn't include Hello Love in a Valentine's inspired roundup. It's such a quintessential and classic choice. It not only leads with pale pink and magenta, but you'll also see a plethora of cooler purples dancing throughout the mix. It's fun, girly and an all-around dream to work with on Superwash Merino/Bamboo/Nylon, meaning it rolls perfectly into a variety of projects from machine washable socks to easy-care baby essentials. (The heart-shaped fiber in our intro is another view of this beauty. It was just too perfect not to include!)



Cottage Garden

There is such a rich feel to this colorway, and it just oozes depth and heart! It includes a deep cranberry leaning red, baby pink, lavendar, brown and olive green tones. As a true lover of all things red, this is a favorite around here. It's currently available on a Rambouillet/Nylon base, and the cool-toned red on our blog cover is its semi-solid companion Desire on the same base. Can you imagine how these would pop plyed together? We're kind of swooning already!


Our favorite thing in the world at Created by Elsie B is to spread our love of fiber to all of you. We hope you take the time this month and all year long to celebrate the many things and people that you love in your life!

Do you have a favorite red or pink Elsie B colorway? What new love-inspired creation would you dream up? Is there an old favorite you are dying to see back in our catalog?

Rosa Zerkle

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