Knitting in a Winter Wonderland


We're right in the thick of celebrating all the winter holidays and while time has run out to pick up fiber in time for holiday delivery, we didn't want to let the week go by without highlighting some of our very favorite seasonally appropriate Created by Elsie B colorways. Whether you already have these in your stash or want some winter-inspired options to add to the mix, we love each and every one of our seasonal picks. They make us think of snow and festivities and cold-weather coziness. There is just something about wool and winter that is well matched!



I really (really) wanted to include Winter's Eve in this roundup, but it's out of stock at the moment, and I wouldn't want to disappoint any readers on the hunt. (We'll link to it anyway. It's our quintessential cold-weather colorway, so I'm sure it will be back.) In the meantime, if you want something else that makes you think of frosty air and fireplaces, Quicksilver is the semi-solid coordinate to Winter's Eve and is lovely in its own right. The lovely ice blue tones of this colorway are interspersed with darker navy pops. It coordinates with several other variegated colorways as well, making it extremely versatile.


Big Sky Country

Maybe it's because we're headquartered in mountain country, but the mix of olive, browns and blues in this braid just makes us think of snow-capped mountains under clear, crisp skies. This colorways is not winter specific, exactly, but it evokes a feel that makes it fit right into our winter roundup. (The cool blue just does us in!)




There is absolutely no way that this classic colorway wasn't making the list! While we've had other Christmas themed colorways (and will likely develop more,) this is the one that we come back to again and again, making it a staple in the Created by Elsie B product line. The base of traditional red and green is expanded with the addition of brown tones, pinky-tans and the most succulent (see what we did there?) pale green. This is such a well-balanced blend, and we love it so. While currently available on Rambouillet/Nylon, it comes and goes on various bases. See our next picks for its delicious coordinates.


Desire and Silver Succulent

Either of these choices are fabulous when paired with Christmastime, but they are also good as a trio or on their own. Desire is a deep, cool-toned red with dollops of pinks woven throughout. It fits right in with seasonal spins, but it's also a stunner with many other themes.

Though not a traditional Christmas green, Silver Succulent picks up on the lighter tones in its variegated seasonal partner. This is such an aptly named colorway as it really does just embody the delicate but hearty feel of succulent plants. These tones make Christmastime a bit more airy, making it a really fun way to mix up more traditional and often darker palettes.

We hope you enjoyed all our picks for this roundup and that you have a safe, blessed and joyful holiday season. If you need a last minute gift, check out our Created by Elsie B gift cards. They are a fast and easy way to give to all the fiber lovers in your life, even if you don't have much time to shop. We hope you have happy holidays and a peaceful and productive new year! Thank you for sharing some of it with us - we're truly grateful!

What are your favorite holiday-inspired colorways? Do you have favorites that we didn't highlight or have a favorite spin created from a seasonal braid?



Rosa Zerkle

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