Hello Again, Old Friend!


While it's a given that the new and novel tends to catch attention, there is also something to be said for the tried and true. We love developing new colorways here at Created by Elsie B, but our bread and butter is the fact that we make so many different options that are repeatable. If something that you have your eye on sells out quickly, the odds are that it will come back sooner or later. With so many bases to choose from, that's good news for our loyal customers! Whether you underestimate your project needs or just want to try old favorites on every base we offer, restocks are always exciting. If you didn't notice, we restocked quite the handful of beauties this month, and we wanted to make sure that you didn't miss out on picking any of these up. I think the heat has us channeling fall vibes because there are a lot of jewel tones and autumnal shades in this batch!




Meadows and Mist


There is just something so mellow and calming about this colorway. Meadows and Mist is a muted, quiet and gentle blend of grey, olive and brown tones. It makes us think of wading through tall grass that is touched with dew on a quiet morning with just a touch of a nip in the air. Maybe it's spring, maybe fall is just over the horizon, but the sunrise is always a beautiful compliment to it all! Currently available on Targhee, this colorway pairs with both Foggy Bay and Quicksilver.




Fairy Garden

Deep and dazzling are excellent adjectives to describe the jewel tones in Fairy Garden. Plum, olive, creamy neutrals, warm mahogany and blues blend into the enchanted garden of color that makes up every braid. This colorway has been restocked on Targhee and matches with both Typhoon and Mahogany.



Tropical Frangipani


Reefs, crabs and sandy beaches? Yes, please! Whether your favorite tropical destination is Hawaii, California or the Caribbean, this colorway should be right up your alley! (Or, have you ever been to an Oregon beach? They're a whole other vibe!) Fresh jewel tones of classic orange, purple and aqua with pops of white make up the perfectly blended and oh-so-cheerful Tropical Frangipani. This colorway has been restocked on BFL/Seacell.



Besides the three featured above, we also restocked quite a few colorways on Rambouillet, so be sure to search by base to see each of those options, including Pumpkin Ale featured in our intro paragraph. In addition, don't forget that we can custom dye any repeatable colorway in our catalog on any base that we have in stock. Keep in mind that custom dye batches require a minimum of 8 ounces of each desired colorway per order.

What are some of your favorite colorways that you would like us to restock? Have you ever ordered your favorites in a custom dye batch?

Rosa Zerkle

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