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While Created by Elsie B has been involved in the fiber world for quite some time, we still remember how exciting it is to pick up a new craft and immerse ourselves in learning. One of the most fun parts of diving into spinning is gathering quality supplies to make the process quicker, more efficient and more consistent. It is true that you don't have to have a significant budget to spin, and we highly recommend our drop spindle kit for beginners who are just getting into the craft. Still, you will probably outgrow it at some point and desire to upgrade to something that is a bit more practical. Elsie B has you covered with our full assortment of Spinolution products. We love and use these wheels ourselves and are proud to offer them to our customers as well. With a wide variety of price points, Spinolution has something for every spinner to love.

Budget Friendly Beginners

Probably the first priority most people gauge when choosing a spinning wheel is the price. This is fair considering that the difference between investing in a drop spindle and a larger spinning wheel is quite significant. Still, the efficiency gain when upgrading is about as dramatic as the price difference, and almost every serious spinner outgrows drop spindles pretty quickly. If price is your primary concern, we offer the Spinolution Pollywog as our best-selling, entry-level wheel. It comes with all the basics while still offering the option to upgrade. The Pollywog is lightweight, extremely portable and treadle operated, so you an use it just about anywhere. The Spinolution Echo is another economical choice. It is slightly more expensive but has even greater functionality, making it an all-around winner for those who want to buy one versatile wheel at a reasonable price.

For Production Minded Professionals

Every spinner has different needs, but very few fiber artists wouldn't love having a full-featured tool to work with. For those that really value a broad list of features, we recommend either the Spinolution Monarch or the Spinolution Firefly spinning wheel. They both have similar features, including production quality durability, the ability to accommodate a 64-ounce flyer and a very comfortable operation. However, while the Monarch runs via a treadle, the Firefly is an electric spinning wheel. With speeds as high as 3200 RPM and a 14-hour battery life, it should be no surprise that the Firefly is a house favorite here at Created by Elsie B. At similar price points, either one is a fantastic choice for spinners who value professional results and ease of use.


Tools and Accessories

There is no question that you need a quality wheel to get the job done, but there are many products and accessories that can make it even more thrilling to work with Spinolution products. Some accessories add features and functionality to your wheel while other add-ons just plain make your life easier when you get to plying and finishing. Check out our wide variety of Spinolution accessories including:

While we love all the Spinolution wheels we highlighted, we have these models and so many more! To see our full selection, check out the complete inventory of Spinolution products at Created by Elsie B. Please note that sales and discounts don't apply to any Spinolution products. (If you add a coupon code to your Spinolution order, we'll have to cancel it.) Also, don't forget that Spinolution wheels are drop shipped directly from our supplier, so they will arrive separately from your Elsie B fibers. Shipping is included for these products, however, so making a separate order won't cost you any extra.

If you're still unsure which model best meets your needs, there are videos under each Spinolution listing that highlight the features of each spinning wheel and even compare different models, so be sure to check those out!

What is your favorite Spinolution product? Have you upgraded from an entry-level wheel to a nicer model? If you've used more than one Spinolution wheel, what features do you love?

Rosa Zerkle

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