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With the end of summer, you might be missing a lot of things. You can probably expect to have less free time, less sunshine and less leisurely vacations (and less constant chaos?) now that families are back to school. What you shouldn't miss, however, are your favorite Created by Elsie B colorways! These little tastes of summer can be enjoyed year round, but don't wait because each of these listings has only one braid left in the shop. Run, don't walk to pick up one of these beauties before they're gone!

P.S. If you didn't win at fastest fingers with these braids, check out the embedded hyperlinks where you can see if each colorway is still available on another base or shop for colorways in the same color family. Because, while these are definitely awesome, there is so much more to choose from in the Elsie B shop! Plus, stay tuned below for a special offer on custom orders!

Lemonade Stand

Shop Polwarth/Tencel Lemonade Stand

While I'm not going to claim it as a universal childhood experience, having a street-side entrepreneurial venture as a kid has to be something a lot of you can relate to, right? We lived on a country lane in the middle of nowhere, and my siblings still tried their hand at this (though unsuccessfully, for the most part.) Lemonade Stand is such a nostalgic colorway for this reason, making it the perfect braid to stash away for when the skies get a bit too gloomy. Pops of lime green accent gray and light blue to make this Polwarth/Tencel blend not only gorgeous but incredibly versatile.

Don't despair if it isn't there! We may have Lemonade Stand of other types of hand dyed combed top as well as other colorways on Polwarth/Tencel. You can also see our full assortment of braids in shades of gray, green or blue.

Strawberry Mango

Shop BFL/Seacell Strawberry Mango

What's not to love about Strawberry Mango on BFL/Seacell? There is just nothing that announces warmer weather better than walking into a grocery store or farmer's market and seeing cases of ripe, juicy strawberries bursting with sweetness. Pair those with the unique, tropical goodness of a perfect mango, and it's truly a match made in heaven! It's no wonder that this perfectly balanced blend is reminiscent of that burst of culinary goodness. Sometimes the simpler things in life, including this colorway, are the best.

Check here to see if Strawberry Mango is available on other bases or see the other options on BFL/Seacell. You can also browse our entire stock of orange and pink colorways to find some other favorites that you might need.


Shop Corriedale/Bamboo/Silk Firework

An aptly named colorway, Firework features bursts of blue, purple and berry that explode across a black background with brightness and impact. This single remaining braid is dyed on a Corriedale/Bamboo/Silk blend and is well suited for sweaters, scarfs and mittens! While this is reminiscent of lazy summer nights, the colors would transition beautifully into fall and winter wear.

Search for Firework on other bases or see what else catches your eye that has black, blue, purple or red tones. You also might want to pick up Mystic which coordinates with the blue tones in Firework and is available on the same base of Corriedale/Bamboo/Silk for perfectly balanced plying.

Great Lakes

Shop superfine Merino Great Lakes

When I close my eyes and conjure up this colorway, the image is infused with sand between my toes, sticky S'mores fingers around a dying campfire and a dark and twinkly sky as the sun sinks behind the mountain. Maybe that's the Elsie B Utah flavor coming through, but that's what I imagine a night on one of the Great Lakes would be, and it sounds like magic to me. I see all of that in this beautiful braid, and I can't wait to see how the lucky buyer breathes even more life into it in their finished project. This single remaining braid is available on superfine Merino, an 18.5 micron base that is as soft as butter!

If Great Lakes sells out, it might come back on another base. This colorway pairs with Sapphire on superfine Merino, so you may want to pick up a braid for perfect plying in order to make a larger project. We also have plenty of other colorways available on superfine Merino, or you can browse the shop to see more beauties that feature orange, blue and gray.

Team Spirit

Shop Organic Merino Team Spirit

Can I let you in on a little secret? I know that there is something magical about the fun and freedom of summer, but I actually really (really!) love fall. When I start to feel the crisp nip in the morning air and see the local high school football team jogging out in their gear, I pretty much want to brew a hot cup-of-something and go dig out my snuggly hoodies, so I'm not even going to apologize for throwing in Team Spirit as the final hurrah to our end-of-summer roundup! The high-impact, high-contrast blend of lime, navy, gray and white makes it impossible not to imagine painted faces and school pennants, making it a must-have.

Team Spirit is a OOAK colorway, so once it's gone, it's gone for good! If you didn't score a touchdown with this, find other colorways on Organic Merino as well as search by color for other green, gray or blue options.

While these stunning braids of hand dyed combed top are limited to just one of each colorway, four out of the five are repeatable and can be custom ordered. At Created by Elsie B, we normally require custom orders of at least 8 ounces of each colorway, but because you're here we've got a special offer in case you missed out on a colorway you love.
Today through September 30th, you can place a custom order of a single four-ounce braid of any repeatable colorway that is currently sold out in the Created by Elsie B shop.
If you've been eyeing one of these or any other colorway that you've had trouble getting your hands on, this is the perfect chance to finally add them to your stash! Click on the banner above for information on how to place a custom Elsie B order, and be sure to mention this offer.

Do you have a favorite color family that you tend to gravitate toward? Comment and let us know if your stash is weighted by a particular color or fiber base, or if you're an equal opportunity fiber lover!

Rosa Zerkle


Rosa Zerkle

I love blues and purples. And merino/cashmere blends are my fiber of choice for yarn, haven’t got to spin this blend yet.

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