Coming In For a (Semi) Solid Win!

There is no doubt that we love color. (It's kind of our thing here at Created by Elsie B!) LeAndra spends a lot of time pairing and planning for the beauties that we send  out the door every day, not to mention the actual process of mixing and applying the vibrant colors of our Elsie B fibers. And, while there's little doubt that our variegated colorways steal the proverbial show, we like to think that our semi solids are the hidden gems of the spinning world. They are stunning in their own right, but tonals really shine paired with our more colorful options for perfect plying and blending. There is so much you can do with semi solids, and adding them to your fiber repertoire will really kick it up a notch, so to speak. Today we're highlighting just a few of these beauties. While we often develop tonals to match a specific paired colorway, we release them independently as well, and also have several (such as Linen shown here) that have several matching colorways. However you use them, the creative possibilities are truly endless!



As one of the most versatile shades in the rainbow, blues play a large part in many Created by Elsie B colorways. Cascade is a watery wonder with its rich, deep aqua tones. Currently available on our must-loved puffy Polwarth, it's a perfect match for the (currently out of stock) Hydrangeas, but it fits in with several other colorways quite well. The color seems to play quite nicely with Nemo's Reef, for example.





Shhhh! Don't tell the other bases, but our seacell blend is my favorite fiber child. Derived from seaweed, this sustainable fiber not only gives a stunning sheen, but it also resists the dyeing process, adding interest and contrast to every colorway. On Berry, you see lighter streaks that weave throughout the vibrant purple base. We love it so much! Berry was developed alongside our very popular Hummingbird, and it just pops against the lime, grey, pink and red in this house favorite.




From its nostalgic name to its vibrancy, Flubber just makes us feel like a kid again. With its lime green tones, it is undoubtedly aptly named. In the shop currently on Polwarth, it doesn't have a variegated partner at present, but it lends itself to infinite creative possibilities. Plyed with a pink colorway, for instance, we envision and bright, summery yarn to mimic watermelons. Green also matches beautifully with purples, blues and yellows.




While they aren't always the first things to grab our color-loving eyes, we would be remiss not to include a neutral semi solid in our product spotlight. These are truly some of the most versatile and adaptable options when it comes to plying. Caramel is just one of the many brown toned tonals in our catalog. Its warmth and loveliness is a show stopper, for sure! It's shown here with its match Wine Barrel (don't worry, it's repeatable and will be restocked at some point!) Created by Elsie B offers a wide assortment of neutral semi solids, in shades ranging from brown to cream to grey to silver, so be sure to check them out!

When we developed our semi solids several years ago, we envisioned these colorways being complimentary to our already popular variegated blends, and they do not disappoint! When shopping the Elsie B catalog, keep in mind that not all tonals have a perfect match listed. If we have dyed a semi solid to partner with a specific colorway (or more than one,) you will always see those linked in the listing so you can easily find them. (We tend to dye them together on the same base to make pairing convenient.) In addition, some semi solid options may actually closely match other colorways that we just haven't placed together and tested ourselves, so play around and be creative! The sky is the limit with these beautiful tonal braids!

Have you found hidden pairings with an Elsie B semi solid and variegated colorway? If you know of matches that we haven't linked yet, please let us know! In addition, we'd love to see your creative uses for tonal colorways!

Rosa Zerkle


Rosa Zerkle

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Rosa Zerkle

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