All of our wheels come standard with an open (by-passable hook) orifice. This orifice allows you the freedom to spin any weight of yarn, including super bulky or embellished art yarns, without getting trapped or snagged in your orifice. 

We also have a (closed) tube orifice bar available as an accessory to your wheel. 



        • 4 oz with 1/2 inch tube - $29 
        • 8 oz with 1 inch tube - $29 
        • 12 oz with 1 inch tube - $49 
        • 16 oz with 1 inch tube - $49 
        • 32 oz with 1 inch tube - $49 




        Please note: The lead time for Spinolution products is 6-8 weeks. Spinolution products are not eligible for any discounts as the price is set by Spinolution & Created by Elsie B isn't authorized to change that. If you apply a discount code to your purchase it will be immediately canceled and refunded. 

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