Our bobbins are made from Baltic birch and are shatterproof. Each one is glued by hand and tested for durability and function by our quality control department. 

Any bobbins that break within 1 year of purchase we will replace for free. If your bobbin breaks, email a picture to info@spinolution.com with your shipping address and proof of purchase to receive a free replacement. 


Bobbin Sizes 



        • $39 - 4 oz Bobbin 
        • $39 - 8 oz Bobbin 
        • $49 - 12 oz Bobbin 
        • $49 - 16 oz Bobbin 
        • $49 - 32 oz Bobbin 
        • $79 - 64 oz Bobbin 




        Please note: The lead time for Spinolution products is 6-8 weeks. Spinolution products are not eligible for any discounts as the price is set by Spinolution & Created by Elsie B isn't authorized to change that. If you apply a discount code to your purchase it will be immediately canceled and refunded. Purchase price of Spinolution products does not count towards the free shipping option. 

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