Hand dyed soft Baby Camel combed top. Use it for spinning, felting, blending, knitting, weaving & petting upon occasion.
Colors: Blue, Gray, Yellow, Gold, Pink, Purple, Peach, Apricot
4 oz / 113 grams

Camel hair is considered to be a luxury fibre in its de-haired form with a micron count of 17-19.
The Bactrian (two humped) camel produces an undercoat of soft strong fibre and a coarse outer coat of strong fibre. The animal sheds its hair every year and this is collected by the herdsmen. The fibre from the soft undercoat is prized for use in coatings and other fabrics. This is obtained commercially in a carding process, known as de-hairing. This process is slow and expensive but results in the deliciously soft 1-inch staple fiber you see here.
Micron count: 17
How soft is it? Next to skin.

This listing is for one (1) of 8 braids in this dye lot currently available, please purchase enough for your project.
**This is a one of a kind result and not repeatable**

Dyed with Jacquard, Dharma and/or ProChem acid dyes
I dye all my fiber using professional dyes in my smoke free and pet friendly home. Our puppy Brutus the Yorkshire Terrier is, of course, not allowed to play with wool.
Care instructions: Handwash finished product with cool water, this product can felt.

More colorways with yellow: Yellow

Please be aware. While I do strive to accurately represent the colors in all my products, all monitors vary and what I see on my screen, may not be what you see on yours.

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