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March's Colorway: Merino/Rose/Gold Sparkle 'Arctic Violets' 4 oz - EXPECTED TO SHIP 3/21

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This is the exclusive colorway for March 2020 as part of our Year of Fiber product line. What does that mean? Well, this colorway is available March 1 - 31, 2020 and never again! So if you love it, you have until March 31 to stock up. 

To read more about the Year of Fiber, read the blog post here

This colorway is designed to pair with 'Linen': Shop Linen



And now for the rest of the fiber details:

Hand dyed Merino/ Rose/ Gold Stellina combed top
Good for spinning, felting, blending, & petting upon occasion.
Rose fibre is very similar to bamboo in appearance and feel. It is a new cellulose fibre made from rose bushes, it is environmentally friendly, green eco fibre. It is also bio-degradable.
Colors: Light brown semi-solid
4 oz / 113 grams

Micron count: 18.5 & 25
How soft is that? Next to skin soft
50% 21 micron wool, 25% Rose fiber, 17% 25 micron wool, 8% gold stellina

Dyed with Jacquard, Dharma and/or ProChem acid dyes 
I dye all my fiber using professional dyes in my smoke free and pet friendly home. Our puppy Brutus the Yorkshire Terrier is, of course, not allowed to play with wool. 
Care instructions: Handwash finished product with cool water, this product can felt. 

Please be aware. While I do strive to accurately represent the colors in all my products, all monitors vary and what I see on my screen, may not be what you see on yours. 
I dye my fibers in small batches and no two 4 oz braids will be 100% the same- that's what makes working with hand dyed wool so fun! 

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