Color of the Month - 3, 6, or 12 months Prepaid Mystery Colorway Subscription 4 oz

$ 91.50

THIS IS THE PREPAID OPTION! The price includes shipping for all months. To purchase only 1 month or to be billed monthly, head to this listing

Monthly Surprise Colorways are BACK!
After a 2 year hiatus, we're pleased to share we've got a new format for what was formerly known as Fiber of the Month - it's now Color of the Month!

As shown in the listing photo, we've taken inspiration from the tertiary color wheel & given each month an base color; this is the jumping off point for a OOAK (one of a kind) variegated colorway on either a 100% wool, or Blended Fiber base.
PLEASE NOTE: I will NOT be coordinating wools between the two Fiber Content options - they will vary.
Some months I'll lean heavy into the base color inspiration, and other times not so much, but this allows you to have an idea of what color is headed your way.

Purchase now through the 28th to get the upcoming month's colorway (ie: sign up by September 28th, your first braid will be October's colorway)

FOR PREPAID PURCHASES: Select which option works best for you from the dropdown menu (3, 6, or 12 months; don't forget to select which Fiber Content) The months you'll receive will start with the nearest upcoming after the 28th (ie: purchased Oct 1st, Month 1 will be November). *In case you're wondering, the price point includes the monthly shipping fee.
This is great for: People who want to participate in a set # of months but don't want to have to remember to cancel their subscription.

FOR 1 TIME PURCHASES: Head to THIS LISTING & Select which Fiber Content you want & 'One Time Purchase' & proceed to check out. You'll receive the monthly braid as expected and won't be added to our recurring subscribers list.
This is great for: People who want to pick & choose which months they participate in.

FOR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTIONS: Head to THIS LISTING & Select which Fiber Content you want & 'Monthly Subscription' & proceed to checkout. You will be billed each month on the date you sign up & subscription will continue until you cancel it.
This is great for: People who don't want to miss out & won't remember to sign up each month.

The color order is as follows:
Jan - Blue-violet 
Feb - Violet 
Mar - Violet-red 
Apr - Red 
May - Red-Orange 
Jun - Orange 
Jul - Orange-yellow 
Aug - Yellow 
Sep - Yellow-green 
Oct - Green 
Nov - Green-blue 
Dec - Blue 

FOR MORE THAN 4 OZ: This listing is for one (1) 4oz braid of fiber, if you need more be sure to increase the quantity before adding to cart.

*** SHIPPING DETAILS *** Color of the Month will ship on the 11th of each month & will include tracking for each shipment. I will not combine orders with other purchases (even though I really like you) as this is a one woman operation & my brain tends to get very overwhelmed at trying to make that feasible.

PLEASE NOTE: Prepaid Color of the Month is only available to US residents. International customers will need to use the Monthly Subscription/One-Time Purchase option. 

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